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    Is there anyplace to share examples of design themes? I would love to see some ideas from other people and how to create your own look and feel to scriptcase. I keep hoping they will provide a Bootstrap option but so far no luck. What's your best design?

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    I would like to know too from other people. Bootstrap would be really nice.

    I'm just trying hard with SC layout module.


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      Here are a few examples of a SC with CUSTOM THEME / CSS

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        Another one, but with a default theme used as a basis.

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        aducom software netherlands
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          Here a theme for login and my sistem´s modules.
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            Originally posted by hirambq View Post
            Here are a few examples of a SC with CUSTOM THEME / CSS

            Muy bonito, sí señor


            Very cool

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              This is a login .... page

              It could be interesting if someone would teach a little bit how customize the central part becouse this one is quite basic.
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                Hi Giovannino,
                To customize the central part you can use CSS to hide the form white background and borders so the background image can fit with your custom design.


                Custom CSS (replace .element with your real selector):
                .element { background:none !important; border:none !important;}

                Remember to use !important to overwrite all CSS rules of SC.

                I recommend you to use chrome or firefox delevoper tools, for example in chrome you only need to right clic on a element of the page and select on the menu "INSPECT ELEMENT" to know the CSS class or CSS ID.
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                  Some of thoese templates are really nice. So how can I build templates like that ?

                  Has anybody tried to use ARTISTEER ? it can build HTML templates but not sue how easy it can be matched with SC


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                    Oh man if Artisteer could be used with Scriptcase that would be AMAZING!
                    I finally got tired of the lack of support with Codecharge Studio and switched to Scriptcase. I love it, but I sure do miss using Artisteer for the templates.


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                      i am a CCS transfer as well. maybe we can share experiences and save each other time.


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                        hirambq's themes are awesome!
                        I wonder if he could do a webinar?


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                          Great themes impressive

                          can be imported to SC or we have to create from scratch!?


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                            I see the latest version of Artisteer can generate HTML templates so even if it is not PHP perhaps it will be worth trying. The demo version works for 2 wks so whoever is interested can give a try, and report back here.
                            I think Net Make really, really needs to integrate with some 3rd party tools and open for external development. There are other prototyping tools and I would take whichever works best with SC. So far SC is totally CLOSED PRODUCT, we cannot even edit language files externally. I could have a team of people translating my English App into several languages but due to that fact it is impossible.



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                              So this dates back to 2015 and a comment on the bootstrap page says:

                              Easy, right? Stay tuned for the next posts, we will create lots of bootstrap articles for you guys!