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How do i compute the running balance?

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  • How do i compute the running balance?


    note the pic attached. It includes the database schema plus a sample of a grid app on the feescollected table.

    i want something similar to this:

    expected outcome.jpg

    any suggestions?

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    Create a grid application and apply the full sql including the joins. In the onrecord you can perform calculations when needed and feed that to your grid. To do so, you need to add custom fields to the grid. If the joins are simple lookups you can consider using a lookup event on the field in stead of putting it all in the sql.
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      Thanks am already on that except that i had not thought about the sql joins although i've just created one now for another problem (guess am a fast learner).
      However, if am not mistaken the onrecord event works on individual records. What i want is tuition payable (FeesStructure.Fees) minus the cumulative sum (feespaid column) . As shown in the second pic (its actually from MS excel).

      Alternatively, is it possible to create a new label (preferably under the totals label) that would show the balance on tuition. That is this label would show result of say FeesStructure.Fees - sum (feescollected.FeesPaid) ?
      This may in fact more preferable.