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how to include spaces in a label

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  • how to include spaces in a label

    hello everyone, been looking for a way to put spaces in a fields label

    my field title is {lang_dbo_d_patient_characteristics_fld_patient}
    and i want to be like this

    D.1 (here go 5 spaces included){lang_dbo_d_patient_characteristics_fld_p atient}

    but sc don't let me to put spaces manually , what to do in this case?

    uploaded a picture for reference. thanks.
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    Not sure what your issue is?

    SC lets me type "D.1 {lang_dbo_d_patient_characteristics_fld_patient}" in that area?

    That said - there seems to be an extra space in the last "p atient"?


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      Not sure what you mean. Using spaces in language descriptors is not a good idea. In general, multiple spaces are deleted by html, that's not a sc issue, you need to use &nbsp to allocate a space.
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        i wanted to put 5 spaces between D.1 and {lang_dbo_d_patient_characteristics_fld_patient}, not only 1 space.

        looking info thru the web, using html code i wrote   5 times between D.1 and {lang_dbo_d_patient_characteristics_fld_patient} and it worked fine.

        about the space in this sentence=> {lang_dbo_d_patient_characteristics_fld_p atient}. it was a mistake done here while editing the text, in my app all is alright.
        thanks adz1111 and aducom.
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