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2-for-1 Grid column sort error after update

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  • Giblet535
    started a topic 2-for-1 Grid column sort error after update

    2-for-1 Grid column sort error after update

    Bug #1: Clicking a Grid app's column header to re-sort produces an error message.

    This error is new w/ 027. Updates are the only change. Even the database is static.

    Bug #2: The error message itself was supposed to be in HTML I guess, but the dialog displays the HTML code instead.

    SC8 027, Ubuntu 14.04
    Project was imported from SC7 back when SC8 was released. I use this project to compare SC8's behavior to SC7 to determine whether SC8 is working yet. (No.)

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  • Giblet535
    This was corrected by reinstalling, after export/delete/import/generate didn't work.

    So it's just an update issue, probably Linux-only.

    SC8 is as usable as SC7 now, or it's very close. Good work, NetMake team!

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