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error on field modification since update a few moments ago

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  • error on field modification since update a few moments ago

    hey guys, updated an hour or so ago and since then I keep getting silly errors when updating forms or grids, if I add new field or remove an old one then its when it happens. killing loads of my grids and forms and having to remake them, wtf.....

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '$', expecting variable (T_VARIABLE) in C:\Program Files (x86)\NetMake\v8\wwwroot\scriptcase\app\xxx\manage _list_all_projects\manage_list_all_projects_grid.c lass.php on line 65

    and the same error 4 times since update now, on different forms and gris, both with no variables or any special coding on my side, simple grids with new fields being added or removed......

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    Can you open the generated sources and paste about 5 lines after and before of thebline giving the error?

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      am guessing something went wrong, since those few pages have no had the issues againa nd have already rebuilt those offending pages from scratch. so not an issue now.

      But Giu please help on another issue: showthread.php?7779-date-and-time-problem
      been a few days and no reply and its made me very stuck on a project I am working on.