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Problem with Deployment in re Email and Password

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  • Problem with Deployment in re Email and Password


    I deployed my project in as my host and while i have my domain name registered with I uploaded my files by using the zip file and extracting its content in a folder (subdomain) in my host.. (

    I configured the production environment and connected with the database successfully. However, when i tested the New User feature as provided by the scriptcase security module, the process did not proceed as expected. it was stuck. then i managed to manually import data from my local database. i was able to access the project but prompted with "Unauthorized User" alert. I disabled the "use security and redo the process. Still registration failure but i was able to access using the manually imported data. Unfortunately, when i tried to change the password, i was told that the old password did not match but the very same password is used to access the application. What could be wrong?

    I'm a newbie here without formal learning in programming. Just by reading articles and youtube..

    Mister Grey

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    The 'use security' checkbox is only valid while developping. Most likely you need to synchronize your applications in production and then apply the right rules. But it might fail as initially you can't run the synchronize for the same reason. So setup administrator rights in development and test it. Then export/import the securitytables in production and it should work well then,.
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      I read this reply only now. Thank you very much aducom for enlightening me. I know better now how the security module works. Keep up the good work!