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Menu App not working

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  • Menu App not working

    I am not sure since which update, i have a previously working menu app.
    Just realized it doesn't goto my app when the menu items are clicked.

    Even when i try to regenerate the menu app, it prompted me a BLANK pop up.

    Kindly assist.

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    First, try a small test menu and see if that works. If it does, then redo the app. In my experiences sometimes things get broken and finding the reason useually takes the more time than redo. Menus in general are more fast to reproduce due to the simple structure.
    Albert Drent
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      The app can access directly, via compiled & run.
      But when it's via menu app, it return nothing. Basically no respond at all.

      I create a new menu app, with only one item, it jz doesn't work


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        I can confirm the bug on 8.0.28... this is a serius bug because if I modify an existing menu then all the item are deleted... The same happens if I create a new menu...


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          Thanks and I hope sc can take action asap


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            Did you clear your browser cache?


            and here:

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              Tried clear cache but doesn't work.
              The link shown the issue happend in 2014. But my issue only happen recently.

              I am very sure it's a recent bug bcoz my menu was not reachable after the upgrade.

              as you can see from the attached screenshot, i hit error when try to compile the app
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                i wonder if SC developer can see my issue?
                it has be dragged for few days....

                really feel hopeless especially i couldn't lock support ticket anymore.


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                  Switching browser (IE/Chrome/Maxthon/Firefox/Freezefox/Avant/...) may help??


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                    Thanks rr, it jz doesn't work that way. We proposed user to stay in chrome since it's the most widely use browser.

                    Furthermore, I think SC should have developer to engage in forum and advice us, like extract log for them to troubleshoot but it's not...

                    All I got are very kind hearted sc users who can only provide limited help like clear cache, restart, change browser, which might not work.

                    I support other application as developer and I know it's jz not the correct way to support, I hope SC staff can hear me


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                      We have had to restore to older version because of this bug.

                      Dave Prue
                      Code Whisperer
                      Lahar International Corp


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                        Hi Dave,

                        I didn't backup my old copy... is there away to backward upgrade?


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                          Only if you are lucky.. Some versions can not be reversed.
                          Test it the following way (assuming you are runnign windows):
                          backup your mysql database (safety sake).
                          Stop the apache service
                          backup the entire netmake v81 directory (for safety sake)
                          export your projects
                          rename the 81 directory e.g. to 81-new
                          install an older version and insert the license key there
                          import your projects

                          Some 8 versions can work by downgrading that way, some wont since the internal structure in sc changed a bit...

                          So if all fails then you can set it back as such:
                          stop the apache service from the old version.
                          rename the new 81-new to 81
                          restart the apache service.
                          assuming nothing happened with your mysql (or whatever database you use) it should run normally again.