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  • Form from multiple tables

    Hello guys, I need some help.

    Is there a way to have a form collect/insert data into multiple tables?

    Scenario is easy: Entity table has multiple phone numbers and multiple emails. Just need a form where you can insert a new user/entity where fields like name, last name and others are filled and show at least one form field for 1 email and 1 phone number. When inserting the form has to insert into the three tables.

    Then I need to show up a Master/Detail where the master shows the names, and when clicked it shows all contact info + all emails + all telephones.

    Is there an example I could use?

    Thanks in advance !!!

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    You can only generate a form on one table. But you can add custom fields. In the onafterinsert/update you can insert/update your other tables by coding it yourself. Not very complicated, the sql can be generated by the sql builder and the code snippets can help you a lot.
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      And for grids "Views" are your friends

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        Thanks for your help. I kind of got to the same conclusion, but wanted to be sure before keep trying to "figure it out".