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  • How to organize project?

    I'm trying to develop an app with many database fields (about 400). These are single measurements from machines in different categories.

    Due to the large number to add for the user to create a whole report I'd like to split the add forms into multiple forms. The user should start with the main data then clicking "next" to go to the next data section then "next" or "back" until all data is added. He should be able go forward or back in these sections.

    So my question regarding the database tables: Would it be better when using SC to create a seperate table for each section that the user has to go through or can this be done by using one large database table and be splitted (or how ever) by SC in sections?

    How would this be done practically in SC to walk through an application like an assistant?


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    If you have it in multiple pages then you can have a selection of the fields. The other fields (that are not on your form) will not be saved.
    So basically you can open a page in insert mode and once someone presses the button save it and jump to the second window in update mode for the 2nd set of fields. At least that is my thought on it.
    Alternatively you can put it all on one page and use blocks to seperate logical data groups. When someone entered the last data (or all data) in block 1 then automagically disply the second block etc..
    It all depends on how you choose to implement it and what you actually want.

    In the 1st solution one needs say 8 screens (for example). Then when using a save the OnValidate should suffice to know the trigger to jump (using sc_redir) to the second screen (for updating).
    So just keep an internal counter in a global variable or so in which you hold the screen number. Jumping formward and backward will in/decrease the page you want to show.

    With blocks you can simply hide a whole block or reveal one based on your choosing.


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      I prefer blocks / tabs for that. Although a wizard's first easy, but if you have to collect data more often just annoying.
      Best regards: - Reinhard -

      I use ScriptCase 8 Enterprise Edition, Version 8.(latest)


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        Thank you rr and Reinhard,
        I think I have to experiment with blocks and tabs.