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password field with content that can be copied by end users

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  • password field with content that can be copied by end users

    Apparently browsers disable copy on <input type=password>.

    In a form, how can I have a field (content retrieved from db) that is "obfuscated" (e.g. shown as "*********") but that the user can select it and copy its real content (the data from the db) to the clipboard?
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    Afaik you cannot. That's simply because the field is declared as password, and all browsers are designed that way.
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      This is only possible with a seperate program that catches the passwords, like iepassview and similar.


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        Maybe I was not clear.

        I tried to use a password field only because its content is obfuscated by default.

        The content of the field I need to obfuscate is irrelevant: the data is from a database table and its content is populated by the app end user via an SC form.

        I'd like to have two options for a sensitive information field:
        1. - field content visible <- user can select it and copy it in the clipboard or write it down on paper
        2. - field content "obfuscated" (*****) <- user can select it and copy the real content (not the obfuscated version) in the clipboard

        Option 2 is to be used in case users want to be sure no one near their computer can see the field content when they copy it (as it could happen with Option 1).


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          Provide a a button / link near that obfuscated field labelled "copy to clipboard", and code it to pull the relevant table data and write that to the clipboard? Will probably need a javascript utility like zeroclipboard to do the last clipboard bit...


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            Tnks adz,

            googling around I had found some info about zeroclipboard, but it relies on Adobe Flash so I didn't want to go that route (no mobile support, right? and isn't Flash going to die soon anyway?).

            If there' no other way, I'll try the HTML5 clipboard api.


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                thanks but this is not about broswers\passwords at all.
                The data to be obfuscated is stored in a db (mysql or postgresql) table field and the interface to enter\read\change it will be my ScriptCase application only.


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                  If it is an encrypted string from the database that shows in a field then you are out of luck, unless you know (and can reverse) the algorithm to reverse the stored encrypted password. If it is md5 or sha-1 or so then you are out of luck.


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                    @rr: I know the (reversible) algorithm since I'm writing the application and creating the db from scratch.


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                      So you want a field with an encrypted text on the webpage and have the user copy/paste it unencrypted? Then the only things you can do is add the javascript decrypting routine on a javascript event. Since someone enters the field for a copy he'd have to select it.
                      Anyway you can find more detailed info here:

                      And specially this one:

                      Another totally awesome link:
                      and also:


                      Anyway enough links to help you on..
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