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  • uploading videos

    Has anyone had any luck integrating SC and uploading videos? Specifically an encoder like ffmpeg or other to process the video and then later be able to play the video?

    Also, has anyone integrated a file viewer like

    I have a portfolio site I am considering converting to SC and these would be important pieces.


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    Uploading a video is nothing more then uploading a file. That works basically (although there are some glitches with the filenames, e.g. no + & and some other characters are allowed).
    That website you mentioned is actually one that detects the file format and then starts the proper viewer. Very nicely done I must add..
    In order to do that you need some extra code.
    The standard way tho (which is what scriptcase does) is to be able to click the filename after which it is downloaded. Then you can open it. I made some alterations myself in order to be able to click a file after which it gets downloaded and have the default program open it (since sc didnt support that last piece).


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      I am glad you mentioned that last thing in your comments. The tool I am using now will automatically open the file if the machine knows the file extension. It would be a big step back for me and my users to have to download the files and then have to open them manually. My faculty process a lot of files so every little bit helps.

      Can you explain now you made the application open? I have not yet made the decision to purchase SC. I love many of the things it can do, but there are some critical things that keep me worried.

      Thanks for the response.


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        In this one you find the stuff to force a document to be opened:

        In the last piece the generated code is changed from the default code that sc generates. To enforce direct opening the generated code needed to be altered. I hope that SC will see my point one day and just add those pieces of code as option.
        Anyway it is tested on windows ie/maxthon/firefox/chrome/safari, android maxthon/chrome/safari, osx chrome/safari/firefox all with various versions so it should work on most browsers.
        Be aware then that the filetypes are depending on the clients settings of the browser, which usually is set correctly. But not always... And some browsers (chrome for example) will not open a file, they download it and you have to open it yourself.
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