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is it possible to have additional "multiple select" field type?

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  • is it possible to have additional "multiple select" field type?

    hi guys, we have in sc 2 types that user can select multiple values in a field, one is the checkbox and one is the double select (right-left lists)

    is it possible to have this elegant multi select feature like a drop down with checkboxes that can save place and looks like a single selection drop-down but it can hold multiple values... i quite see it in advanced php/java stuff these days especially who uses the mvc framework


    what you think?

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    Would be an enhancement request I guess. Closest is a grid with a runbutton used in a modal form. Clicking on the run button will then add the records to the database.
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      yes please how we can raise it to them, i know it is a lost cause but at least we try... as i said before, i keep see this field type in many advanced/modern applications all over the internet these days and to be honest it is really neat and elegant

      do we have even enhancements forum section? please move it there as moderator if we have, i can't see it, might be for moderators only or something


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        Aaaand you forgot the select set to multiple values, if you want with dropdown with checkboxes.
        Agreed, by far not as pretty as your example, but hey, it does the job.



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          checkboxes do the job too boss
          the double select is also nice, i like it, but I'm really fan of that nicely slide dropdown with multiselect right into it.... just look elegant
          wait a minute, there is also another one I saw it in a high professional web system of a company, is like a small box with a drop down, and you can select multi options by clicking once on each item in the drop down, and then by a double click you select the last option you want then it closes the drop down menu, it is amazing , obviously is full-java power behind that


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            I wasn't talking about checkbox or double select. I mean a select field and set the 'Lookup Type' to 'Multiple Values'.
            That does exactly what you want, except the visual appearance.



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              Yes boss I understand you mean to hit the control and select from the options, defintely do the job

              for our case you first have to teach the users where is the control on the keyboard looooool