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A Dev Project based on Scriptcase Security

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  • A Dev Project based on Scriptcase Security

    Hi, everybody.
    We joined here the forum in 2014 and use Scriptcase for several projects since v7.0. For us, Scriptcase is a pretty good tool to start-up a project usually for an enterprise's internal web-based system(access from internet/mobile) - though not perfect, but can easily useful for me.

    We learned a lot from the forum and there're many tips here for all kinds of questions, after we finished some projects, we extended the original Security and make it a basic project to develop my any other project, we would like to share with you all. These are not special technology tips.

    The modules will contain:

    1. Department tree
    2. System Post
    3. Parameters
    4. System Catetree
    5. Right copy module
    6. Simple Data audit flow
    7. Simple Workflow
    8. Other things perhaps

    Because the page layout is not perfect in this forum, so I put it as a long article in my quip account, you can view all the page with image there and make comments or talk online as you want(just register a quip account), also can make comments here, and let's talk about make a system easily.

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    Hi Jerry,

    Proud to be the first one to thank you for sharing your experience.

    We will definitely go through it all, especially that it looks nice work and will benefit a lot of users indeed.

    Wish you all the best guys, keep good stuff coming



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      Look inteesting..i will take a look when have time. Thanks for share

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