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Group By - weird dialog pops up

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  • Group By - weird dialog pops up

    I'm using a grid with some static group by's defined. Everything works fine, however, every time I choose a new "group by" to view the data in an annoying and empty "Output" dialog pops up. I can see the group by (behind the dialog) has worked correctly. And closing the dialog (clicking the "X") clears it away and all is good.

    For the life of me though I cannot see where or why that pop up is appearing.

    See pic:


    Am I missing something really obvious, good people?

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    That looks like a debug dialog. Odd...


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      Yeah - when I "inspect" it shows as:


      But no idea where or why that should appear each time i change the Group By...


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        Has you some kind of var_dump on some group by events?

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          All my group by events are totally empty as far as I can see.

          I have noticed though that I have a dynamic group by for 1 field setup (as I was trying it out). I chose not to go ahead so clicked on "disable group by" in settings. However it will not let me remove the field from dynamic group by - it insists at least 1 field must be selected. I'm wondering if that is part of it - even though it is disabled?