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Production Deployment - an issue and a common lib question

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  • Production Deployment - an issue and a common lib question


    Since being on 8.0.34, deploying (using "typical") including common libs - gets to about 87% and then just seems to hang - any ideas why that is?

    To see if I could workaround it I tried deployment using "advanced". That all seems to work fine through to completion. However, as well as a zip of the applications (about 12MB), there is also a separate link to download the common libraries - about > 100MB. It looks like the advanced way completely separates out the common libs, whereas typical includes them in a single zip. Now, I can live with them being separate, but I'm unsure exactly where I should place them on the prod server in relation to the application directories. This is a fresh new deployment so I know I need the common libs.

    Any hints folks?

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    Quite certain this has been a thing with advanced deployment for longer.

    As for where to place it, the content of the .zip is to be placed into the _lib folder.

    EDIT: In case you still have a deployed version of your project elsewhere you should also be able to see about the same content as you have in the .zip in the _lib folder there.




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      Thanks Matt

      I suspected that's where it should go - but wanted to check.

      I also noticed that the typical one that "hung", did complete if I look at the directory where the zips are saved. Looking in there I can see that what you say re _lib is correct! :-)


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        No problem, the project I work on needs to be deployed using the advanced deploy as well so I was in the same boat the first time.

        To be honest it would be a bit easier to understand if in the .zip they'd have a folder named _lib where in all the other stuff would be, so might consider suggesting it to NetMake sometime, they have more pressing matters to attend to though.
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