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Categories and Subcategories in SELECT tag

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  • Categories and Subcategories in SELECT tag

    i would love to achieve this as shown in d pic.
    i want a category and its subcategory (if it exists) to be shown in the same select tag as shown in the pic. Is it Possible?


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    I don't know if I've understood.
    You can make a hierarchical grid grouped on main category and then a sub grid with details of subcategories.
    see image.
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      Its actually not like that....
      This is to be implemented on a form. The system is to track expenses grouped into categories and subcategories (2nd image). the user enters a an expense item, then chooses a category or subcategory it falls into. Not all expense items fall into subcategories. I wanted to put the category & subcategory into a select tag as shown in my first picture. don't know if that is possible.
      I can do it via two select tags (like state and city example) but that would really be double work for the end user.
      I guess you get what am trying to do.
      Ohh....a select tag is aka drop-down box