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How to return to release 0.33 ?????????????????? Help please

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  • How to return to release 0.33 ?????????????????? Help please


    due to the enormous bug on new and update buttons with onbur events in v.0.34 , I need to return to working version 0.33

    how to do that ???????????????


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    0: check if you still have an old version, if not then call scriptcase, bother bartho, ask support etc.. (I think sc should also allow the downloading of older versions!!!! Due to bugs sometimes a newer version is worse in areas then an older).
    1: stop your scriptcase 0.34 server
    2: make a complete! backup of that server and all the data
    3: note down your registration key
    4: uninstall your server
    5: if you are lucky you should have an old version.
    6: install the old version and provide your key in the new (old) installation
    7: import your exported projects.
    8: cross your fingers and hope that the changes come through. When it is only a few minor version steps difference then mostly this method works.
    9: when it has come through MAKE A FULL BACKUP of the installed version!!
    10: then and only then upgrade....

    Rule of thumb: ALWAYS MAKE A FULL BACKUP before you do any sc update. The update mechanism works but rolling back just doesnt work, so also always keep a few older installers on the shelf..


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      Hi rr

      You made me change my mind

      Using sc, I'll never do that because in last fews months we are not so "lucky" with update and procedures
      So, I am in trouble I blocked totally in my development till this bugs is fixed

      Thanks rr


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        I always keep a full backup of the previous version so I am able to revert. Export/import of your project works fine. So with both I manage. But depite that, the update procedure sucks and it should be able to revert back to the previous version if necessary. I can't believe why that's so difficult to change for sc. Just create a backupdir and copy all the files that are going to be changed into that and then install the new files. Realy don't know why they never implemented that. Even dbchanges in sqlite could be undone.
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