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  • Template Error: set_root

    I had some strange behaviour with scriptcase generating code, "mysql_fetch_array() expects parameter 1" to be specific, so I decided to do a clean reinstall.
    Having reinstalled SC8 and restoring my project I now get this error on all generates:

    Template Error: set_root: /usr/share//scriptcase8/devel/conf/scriptcase/tpl/full/default is not a directory.

    I note that the scriptcase is installed in /usr/share/NetMake/v8.0 and its URL is //SERVER/scriptcase8/. I can understand that the path does not exist (and yes, I did notice the two slashes after "/usr/share") but where did SC8 come up with this basepath? Where can I set it to the correct/sane value?

    Thanks in advance for any guidance you can share.

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    I would again re-install SC on a clean pc, I mean, after uninstalling and removing leftovers. I think that your reinstall went wrong somewhere.
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