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  • error in generation

    hello to all
    I are coming out of the errors at the end of generations in different app and I can not understand where, how and what!

    Undefined offset: 1 | Script: C:\php\NetMake\v8\wwwroot\scriptcase\devel\class\g enerator\nmFontePHPForm.class.php linha: 20880

    Naturally nmFontePHPForm.class.php is a file encoded with Zend!
    How do you know where is the mistake?
    I must say that the app work properly (at least it seems!).

    scriptcase 8.00.0040

    Hello and thanks
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    Hi henry
    Have you added some php code?
    We have this kind of problems if there are some syntax errors like semicolumns at the end of each line.
    Running the app is ok until you don't execute that code.
    It's an error introduced with 8.0.40 or was already present?
    Giorgio Bravi
    Dolphin Software & Thinkware


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      ciao giorgio
      Thanks for the reply.
      - It was already present in previous releases to 8.0.0040
      - There is the php code in events
      One of the applications is so 'small' (5 fields and 2 events and no external libraries) that the whole execution passes certainly also in the code added by me!

      I do not know where it will be the error.
      The semicolon should not be otherwise would give immediate error in compiling the code.
      Hello and thanks again


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        Comment all your code and then recompile. Then event by event remove the comment and recompile. It might take some time but that is stillone of the fastest ways to find where it goes wrong.


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          thank you all. ok ... now is not the reason though!
          I did the following:
          - I commented all the code I added negi events: still in error generation
          - I removed the filter in SQL: the error does not go out!
          - I have not commented on the code added
          - I put the filter in SQL
          ... No error ... !!!!!
          however, now is ok.
          Thanks again