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Print button - can we add something only for print?

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  • Print button - can we add something only for print?

    hi guys, is there an idea or hint how to add special remarks or a header to be shown only when clicking the print button?

    I want to display some information when on print only... did you try this trick before?

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    Originally posted by MikeDE View Post
    ... did you try this trick before?
    No, and I couldn't find the onPrint event either. :-D



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      with a variable global.


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        JSB!! again, only reading your name makes me feel optimistic, thanks for reading the post, I'm sure there is away out there :-D

        @alvagar, did you try that? what you mean global? where to use it?


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          Well, I gave it some thoughts and I think there isn't very much you can do.
          The only halfway decent (and hassle free) solution, without digging into code, would be to create a (downgraded?) copy of the form you want to print
          and include the additional information. Remove all buttons but 'Print' and 'Exit' and maybe disable/readonly all the fields. Have the exit button return to the original form.
          Add the following code to JavaScript -> Form -> onLoad


          Create your own 'Print' button on the original form and link it to the copy.

          I think this isn't too bad at all.



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            thanks friend, not too bad at all! I was thinking of something similar but in different direction as well.
            lets see, the header and footer are place to add stuff, well, lets have them as globals and define if the form in which state, normally title of the form, but if click the print button then the output popup form will have them different values like the additional information and the images to be shown in case of print... still thinking of this but your idea seems much more easier

            thanks again jsb
            have great weekend