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strange issue after ver 44 update - stopped the function

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  • strange issue after ver 44 update - stopped the function

    hi guys i have project with many forms recently updated sc ver.44 and regenerated the apps but some functions stopped working on FF

    I tried to go back ver. 43, but seems the issue was started around ver .25 or something

    how i see error logs of the sc applications ? is there something like this? never noticed this error files anywhere, anybody did? what if we want to debug and keep the error log like apache anybody tried this?
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    Web console/Firebug can be a point to take into consideration

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      hi Giu that is for firefox and chrome, problem is on internet explorer


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        On inernet explorer you can install FirebugLite (I didnt know that one either) and (if you use an old IE) the IE developer toolbar.
        Normally this stuff is installed in IE tho (IE7 and up as far as I remember) so you dont need to install strange tools.


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          thanks guys Giu and rr, I'm still wounder why no error logs for sc application this is quite important don't you think