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best practice for using securty and log - routinely used!? please share your idea

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  • best practice for using securty and log - routinely used!? please share your idea

    hi guys, we all use security and log modules on regular basis

    for myself i do a lot of changes and tiny stuff like aligning fields, making security apps look better by bold some values, add small images, icons.. etc, adding some codes and changing fields orders.. adding regular stuff...etc

    now each project I've to do the same! all this tweaking is repeated again and again because even if imported security apps from old project to new project it will not work! you always need to start over! doesn't make sense

    my question is what what will be best practice to always use a package of security apps and log that we can easily apply to new project? what your idea will be for this instead of tweaking all security apps again, changing names, margins, spaces, fields orders...etc???

    one more thing, I saw once that i can push some apps from project to another project but couldn't find it when tried to look for it again!! so exported the apps from a project and imported to another project but as I said, didn't work, so each project we have to start over all small stuff

    please hint in what you see is taking less time to make?

    thanks for your

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    what guys everybody is building fresh security and fresh log with each project?? or nobody read all what I wrote above? it is long huh, again I did it, my bad


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      No , information shared by somebody on the forum is never long and never enough and I did read it .
      It always helps to see somebody else's perspective.

      Anyway, I developed my own security apps instead of relying on the SC security module and I just copy over the components to a new project.
      It is generic and table driven to work across all my projects without any tweaking.

      I use SC log but I am thinking writing similar components for the log too.


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        Thank you very much for your encouragement kendsouza

        so you mean for the new project you go for the security normally, create from scratch using SC then remove those app generated and import your customized apps!?

        ok that makes sense, the only thing was when I tried it, it removed for me all language files of the project, I re-typed them all, not sure if its a bug or not...

        in other words, the imported apps came with their own language files from the previous project, and removed everything in languages, the only thing was there was the older project langauge files, those were in the previous project that you exported the apps from

        my next try will go to the old project which has good security apps that i worked on... select them and click copy, this is nice "hidden" feature noticed it by chance few months ago but didn't use it yet, you can copy from previous project to new one,,, i will try and see if makes the but that we were talking about

        any other guys have different ideas to save time and repeated steps in order to make things faster? any suggestion or idea is welcomed