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Error with Quick Search and Sorting on Columns

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  • Error with Quick Search and Sorting on Columns

    HI, i generated all my apps with the new version of SC 8. But the Quick search and sorting on Columns are not working. It Only Show a Message Processing all time.
    This error is for all my apps with quick search and reports with sorting on Columns.
    I tested with Chrome and Firefox and got same error.
    Any idea how solve it?

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    When i work in Development and i try to use the quick search or Sorting columns i get same error:

    Fatal error: Class 'Services_JSON' not found in C:\Program Files\NetMake\v71\wwwroot\sc8\app\PosMS\rpt_grid_p ro_listagral\index.php on line 1758


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      That appears to be one of your own programs, since I donot recognise PosMS. I see this piece: rpt_grid_p ro_listagral are you sure it shouldnt be rpt_grid_p\ro_listagral ??
      Which means that somewhere there is a \ missing..


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        I have a folder named PosMS, my apps is in this folder. ALL my Apps have same problem. I use this app for this test for evaluating (rpt_grid_pro_listagral) with other have same error. I can see SC insert a space to my app name to rpt_grid_p\ro_listagral. I do know why SC do that.
        The error generated is because SC not found this class 'Services_JSON'. This class must be of SC.

        My apps was working fine. never i had this problem.
        This error is in general for ALL my apps with Quick search and Sorting on Columns.


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          The line 1758 cause this error is:

          $oJson = new Services_JSON();

          Any idea how Fix it?


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            Well in the generated code you should see stuff similar to this:
            if (!class_exists('Services_JSON'))
            include_once(dirname(__FILE__) . '/form_SCRIPTCASE_STUURGEGEVENS_json.php');
            Hence my conclusion is that file even there? And if so can it be reached (as in are the rights ok?)? Check your main index.php from your application...


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              Thanks you rr for your help.

              My apps was generated with olds version to SC8.000047 Maybe 8.000045, i geneted the source code newly to All my Apps and it Worked.
              I Think that every time SC release a new version is good idea generate source code for all apps.

              Thanks you.


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                That is absolutely something to do..