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  • Google Maps Urgent Help

    Hello, I am rookie on SC and I have a couple of questions about Google Maps.

    1) I want to make Google Maps as input point also. I mean that I can open Google Maps Window and stick a pin to a specific location, This Location (lat and long) will be inseted at the DB\

    and 2) I want to use Geocoder in order to Retrieve an address from a specific location. As far as I know at a typical file i should have added the line

    <script src=""></script>

    at the top of the Html file. Right now I don't know how can I add this on Script Case

    Thanks in Advance


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    Google maps is in the google developer api. If someone sets a marker you can simply read it out..

    For getting the position you need the geocoder api:

    And you need a paid account if your site becomes a high traffic sites since there is a 24 hour limit on the number of free requests.