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  • stupid newbie question

    How do I set the default sort order of a grid
    Looked everywhere
    Thanks in anticipation
    I have done all the stuff in sorting rules but grid stays the same
    Sorting Rules in Scriptcase Grids
    In Grid applications you can work with sorted data creating sorting rules, all this with a very practical way, editing settings of the applications you can implement this functionality in seconds.

    SC says "To create a sorting rule, go to grid settings and select “Sorting Rules”. but this does not alter the initial view of the grid"

    SC also says Scriptcase Application Sorting

    It is also possible to configure a grid to star by the search and configure the search fields tha same way that we can configure the form fields, we can change the field to select, auto-compete or even create a caputure link in the field.

    How exactly
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    how about using a select ... order by ....


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      Well, I'm a newbie too that wants this. The use of "select order by.." would work but, where is the SQL that populates the grid initially? I started to mess with the Form Settings->SQL but, whilst I thought that was the place to add the "order by.." it isn't. If it is then I haven't worked out how it works as I caused some crashes as a result of my tinkering.
      David Goadby, North Wales.


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        If you select SQL from the left side tree menu, there should be an option for Sort can enter which fields and either ascending or descending...hope that helps.

        There might also be a tree menu item for Sort...depending on the type of application you are creating.


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          I have a similar question to Johneb above.
          Sorting works manually for the user of the grid, but I am unable to influence the default sort field or sort order.
          I have attempted to use "ORDER BY" in the SQL SELECT statement, but have not been able to change the way my grids are sorted.


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            You mean that the grid is ignoring your order-by? That looks odd to me...
            Albert Drent
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