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Editable Grid View Form as Detail, works but does not update?

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  • Editable Grid View Form as Detail, works but does not update?

    I have a master / detail form with the detail linked to a an editable grid view form. It all displays as expected - see picture 1


    However, clicking on the "bin" does nothing at all (likewise when I click on the "Add a Project to this Timesheet" button - nothing happens). However, clicking on the pencil puts it into edit mode on that row and allows me to seemingly change values (although when skipping to the next box the previously updated "cell" stays as typed and does not follow the number format rules, i.e. automatically add zeroes).


    If I try to the click on the row's "save this row" button - again nothing happens. It's almost like the recordset being displayed is read-only.

    It was all working fine a day or so ago (no recent updates between then and now - currently on 8.0.47). So I presume and then I must have done something stupid (not the first time!), but having trawled through my code and the forum I cannot for the life of me see what is wrong?

    Any ideas folks?


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    Do you have any special chars in your data?.

    I had a similar problem once, due to chars like ",,,," I removed them and it worked again.



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      Thanks kafecadm - they are all numeric fields bar the project name column - and cannot see any weird chars in there - I'll double check though.

      Also ran the detail form stand-alone (to prove not link / nesting related) and issue is still there. So if the character check above does not pan out, I may just recreate the app and see. As I say it was working, but could just be corrupted somewhere.