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[OT] Access MariaDB from outside

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  • [OT] Access MariaDB from outside

    Hi all,

    Here an offtopic, because I tried all and I'm going crazy.

    I have a server with a MariaDB instance. I have 3306 opened on my router.
    I want to connect with DBeaver (or any other Database manager) from my home to my server (located on my office).

    * I have redirected one port to local 3306
    * It's suppose I have applied the iptables rules
    * I have commented bind-address and skip-network (or something like this) in my.cnf

    What the hell more I need to do?

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    have you tried using a telnet to check the connection can be made?


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      Try to set up putty. Then you have a direct channel and that has always worked well for me. (At least for MySQL).
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        If the server is Linux you can use an ssh tunnel with port forwarding.


        - configure your router to forward [ip-outside]:3306 to [ip-maria-db-server]:22

        - on your pc run and leave it run:
        plink [ssh-user]@[ip-outside] -P 3306 -v -t -C -N -L -pw [ssh-user-password]

        - use any mysql\mmariadb client you want and connect it to localhost:3306. as db user\pw you can use whatever you use locally on your db server as mariadb will see the db client connection coming from localhost

        plink is a tool included with putty

        if the connection is not stable, plink could disconnect and your db client will stop working.
        In that case you can create a simple batch with a loop
        plink .....
        goto restart


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          For some routers just redirecting the port is not enough. You also have to explicitily enable access on the port.


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            I forgot this :/

            Finnally I did an ssh tunnel as explained, and works like a charm.

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