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Devel of first project almost complete-thinking about hosting now

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  • Devel of first project almost complete-thinking about hosting now

    As development of my first SC draws close, I'm starting to think about finding a cloud based hosting provider. I've read a lot of forum posts that related to challenges in the deployment phase of their project. To attempt to minimize my problems, I'm asking if anyone has had excellent experiences with a hosting provider that I should consider.

    My project is to be run for people in the United States.


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    Wow, no one has replied with positive experiences with cloud hosting providers.

    What if I ask instead, What advice would you give me when selecting a hosting provider for SC?


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      Hello emilner this is kinda heavy question man maybe that's why you haven't get replied:

      Firstly, in theory any hoster works for you, to be honest with you I have used godaddy, hostgator and with no problems at all, even mediatemplate. but that only because those hostings worked for me..

      Secondly.. you should ask yourself several things:

      - What kind of application I wanna host
      - What kind of people will use my application
      - Do I need high availability?
      - Do I need advanced services or any specific tool such as CRM self integration?.

      These are simply a few of the many questions you should answer before selecting a hoster. tho I have to say that most hosters have the minimun requirements for SC applications to run propertly.

      Thirdly... $$$$$ is always an issue...

      So as you can see We might give you a list of hosters but at the very end you should do your own research.



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        Thank you kafecadm.

        I've been doing software development long enough to know there are often new surprises that will bite me when I do something new.

        I'm finding I have a Love / Hate relationship with SC. I've had enough challenges in my first dev project that I am trying to minimize them in the deployment phase.

        I do appreciate your taking the time to answer.
        Much appreciated.


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          I woul like to add to kafe words.
          SC apps are webapps not webpages. Normally focused on intranet solution and a lot of times are deployed on local servers instead shared hostings.

          I know about Spanish hosting providers, but obviously, is not suitable for us to use USA hosters, for this reason I cant give an opinion about them

          SC projects requirements are almost just php5.4 basically, for this reason, any hosting solution is good.

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            oh btw I forgot to tell you... If you are looking for a hosting nearby you... try with Hostway... they have their datacenters around tampa bay florida >.< and their Security Solutions is not bad at all.



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              Hi Emilner, just curious here. So which hosting provider did you end up with?


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                A week ago I deployed my application(just for trial) in DigitalOcean ($5 Droplet) and use Mandrill as SMTP provider. Yes it is working well and fast enough for small application.