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The default page or index page for the application

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  • The default page or index page for the application

    How can I define the default page (index page) for the system that will be load when the user type the address of the website? For example : and I wanted to build my index page using bootstrap framework but I wonder how will I modify the menu to meet my will

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    When you deploy your application you need to specify the main application. Within the development environment this is not used so I can imagine the confusion.
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      so what I can do is after finishing the project in scriptcase environement I make an index(default) page outside?


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        Seeing the amount of basic questions you have I advise to watch the youtube videos first. It looks like you havent seen those. They do explain all the basics.
        Please check out you will find the videos and demonstration and so on there.


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          Thanks a lot !!!!! but the problem was with the manual which is not written well. I'll check the videos