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  • Imagine

    Hi guys

    After thanking SC guys for the recent hard work and efforts, and because we always think of them as "we need more for better quality"

    Lets just imagine scriptcase "special" version that:

    Not web browser based
    Get rid of Chrome/FF memory & power consumption... something like windows application like visual studio or Eclipse
    I know current way will serve many other purposes specially if want to work on server directly... and mac/linux users etc.. just saying imagine, for the speed sake

    No zend and other limitations which obviously kill your time and device memory

    Better fields interface
    make fields have more space to copy paste paths of images and so

    Stronger CSS and hopefully bootstrap
    Including power of smooth CSS themes and more adjustable menus

    Cleaner code
    Not to have 10k lines of code for big applications

    Stronger outcome mobile support
    including grids and form for different purposes, without complications

    Complete English base
    I'm about to learn Portuguese from their code

    No long URLs when clicking on buttons and inside pages navigation
    that sometimes reveals a lot of unnecessary information to the web user

    No more or less bugs and surprises
    I guess this point is not even imaginable

    Faster support
    Oh, did I say so!? sorry

    Then charge your clients Netmake, raise your bills, increase your staff, let everyone win! go world wide, faster and stronger.

    Remember, just IMAGINE

    Well, now back to reality, still can't access my sc8.1 after the upgrade.......... file expire thing grrrrrrrr