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Warning about new macro sc_include_library

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  • Warning about new macro sc_include_library

    I spent about 2 hours, and I don't want you spend it too.

    sc_include_library looks like a substitute of now called Scripts, but sadly, it's not.

    On libs imported you can't..
    • Use macros
    • use "special" vars. {array_or_dataset}

    I had hope about use "external libs" to code it from NetBeans (and, because using Scripts, you have to generate all related applications, and code is repeated).
    Don't take me wrong, it's great to import PHPMailer and so others available libs, but it's not for your own libs if you use db access on it.

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    The option "Libraries ( new )" is for external libraries use. ( Like bootstrap, jquery-ui, or any other file without link with the scriptcase functionalities )
    The option "Scripts (old libraries )" is able to use the scriptcase macros, because it's your own native functionality.

    The new libraries were created to improve the customization of scriptcase.
    By enabling more easily from external files.

    For example:

    Before, to use some external library, the developer should copy the folder that library, put somewhere on the server, and application events, call this external library.
    Today, this is no longer necessary. Just upload this library in the "libraries" of scriptcase, and use more easily.
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