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Pc crashed on version 8.0 now only ver 8.1 availble

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  • Pc crashed on version 8.0 now only ver 8.1 availble

    I have a problem. My PC crashed on ver 8.0 before the update to ver 8.1. I did copy wwwroot to new drive. Problem is now I cannot see my projects in ver 8.1 as this is the only program available.

    Is there a workaround? I need to install ver 8.0 and then update to ver 8.1? Problem is no ver 8.0 to download?

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    Well first check if your components directory is ok. Assuming that it is you may be lucky, there is a reasonable chance that your wwwroot directory can be put back.
    But it is then the wwwroot of the 8.0 version. I do assume that you properly stopped your scriptcase by stopping the webserver. If not then you can have less luck, it is possible
    that the database was in use. Tho it is sqlite I setimate you are in luck. Just check if you see a journal file wwwroot\srtipcase\devel\conf\scriptcase dir.
    If the is no journal file then yes you should be able to put the complete wwwroot back. Be smart rename our failed installation to wwwrootbad then set wwroot back.
    Be aware of the rights tho! If you for example installed it under windows then the files should be set back using the rights that the apachescriptcase service has (admin rights).
    As always first backup completely then try to restore...
    Your old version is v8 (since scriptcase is the v8 dir which exists of wwwroot and the components dir and the two uninstall files).
    Next time just turn of your scriptcase webserver and make a complete backup of the v8 dir then turn it on and then do the update. This way you are always safe...