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  • Installation problems

    Scriptcase V7 is runing without any interruptions or problems but we are not be able to install scriptcase V8. Everytime we are trying to install the new vesion it stops at the same screen. It feels like there is no code behind the „next“-Button because nothing happens.
    Is there anything wrong?
    Please contact us at:

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    Are you installing (or trying to install) sc8 over sc7? I advise you to NOT do that. Just install it next to SC7. That has several benefits, namely you can still access your old sc7 version and you can take your time upgrading your applications.


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      I try to install it next to SC7. It should run on the same Server but under an other Folder.


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        Is this a windows or a linux version?
        You could check the system event logs. I installed scriptcase standard on windows server and had no problem whatsoever so I am curious why it fails.
        If it is on linux you might want to check out the rights. I havent installed sc on linux so I cant help you much there. Maybe you need to install sc as admin...


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          It is a linux version.
          The program has full access and I followed the instructions for installation exactly.

          So could you please tell me what we have to do to solve the problem? Is there any support from SC for installation problems?
          It's very frustrating to have a program that is paid but not working. And in the end there is no error that tells us what's wrong! Just nothing happens!


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            Run server/sc_folder/diagnosis.php, it shows a little bit more information.
            What linux distribution?
            Manual or automatic installation?
            PHP version?
            Did you try to install it on a different machine/distribution (virtual machine)?
            Did you try a fresh download (you never know)?



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              The issue is generally not in SC but in the settings of the server. usually the rights are set very wrong, sometimes the php.ini or the apache configs is wrong so for that
              you have to blame your provider. Hence the comment of jsbinca. It is easy to blame that on sc but they are not to blame for bad configurations on the server side.
              I suggest you activate all logging for your apache server (assuming it is apache). Then first put a simple website hello world in php on your apache and see if that works.