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Update an old project installed on the server

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  • Update an old project installed on the server

    I have an scriptcase application installed on the server, but now I need to update many of the functions, but only I have what is on the server, I did not developed this app.

    it is possible to move all files to a local computer to update the application and update to v8 and to do many changes on that or I need to work on the server

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    Unfortunately no. What's installed is the result of a generation process, not the project itself. So if you haven't got the original project, the only way you can modify is by modifying the code on the server. (or recreate a similar project and rebuild from there)
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      when you said "modifying the code on the server" mean to use a editor and open the php scripts and do the changes ??


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        If you need to do minor changes you can do that indeed.
        Changing the application in scriptcase itself and regenerating and redeploying i tis the best solution tho. So aducom meant this.