Dangers of Software Combinations:

Mission critical software is not a game of mix and match. To ensure smooth operations, a system must be “airtight”, highly integrated.

Combining custom-made software with generic ones may result in significant compatibility issues in terms of data and your present hardware. Somewhere along the line, unexpected data corruption issues may arise, especially if proprietary, close-source foreign-made software are used in conjunction with locally made software systems. What’s more, generic software has the tendency not to run optimized on your hardware.
Security is also of utmost concern. When using a combination of custom and generic software, there has to be common interfaces between them, and those interfaces may be the perfect points to stage a system attack. Hackers are a real risk to businesses, so it is much better to have ironclad security built right into the very code of your system
In today’s world, the name of the game is speed and security. The faster and more reliable your system is, the more competitive advantage you will gain.