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Success Case


Sevilla, ES | www.ecofinapp.com

Ecofin MyCloud is designed to those companies that what to have the powerful of Ecofin cloud at his own facilities


  • Software development
  • Mobile

"With Scriptcase enviroment we make the projects twice fast than even before with less than a half of recurses we need previously."


  • Multi-language: Scriptcase can develop applications in over than 60 languages and regional settings.
  • Multi-Database: I can connect the same project with 2-3 different database without a single line of code, all the adaptation is made automatically by Scriptcase.


  • We develop an E.R.P. II on the cloud
  • Dynamic documental management
  • E-Commerce
  • Push notifications all enlaced.


  • Ecofin MyCloud: All DB types included, Bjone, Scriptcase and javascript
  • Ecofin Cloud SaaS is a solution designed for any business, adapted to companies that do not want to depend on technology, very flexible and easy to use, ideal for companies that want to grow without having to change solution. With Ecofin Cloud you can choose for more tan 12 languajes with just a click with Push Notifications Integrated, Documental management, e-commerce, accounting, stocks, Sales, and purchases all enlaced, is a tool on the cloud with a fast growing of new modules.

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