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What is Scriptcase?

It's the best and most efficient web development tool focused on SQL databases (MySQL, Access, Oracle, SQL Server...). A powerful PHP generator to develop systems in a safe and fast way, increasing productivity and reducing costs.

What does it do?

It helps you to develop web applications in a fast and intuitive way, such as: management reports (Business Intelligence - BI), customizable HTML5 charts, registration forms, users authentication, menus, dashboards and others apps.

How does it work?

Can be installed in a local network or on the Internet to be accessed by any browser. It allows that multiple developers work on the same project connected to an SQL database. The generated applications are independent from Scriptcase.

Online Samples

Check out some complete systems and several applications developed with Scriptcase.

Free trial

Download now a complete Scriptcase version and test for free during 20 days - includes our technical support.

Scriptcase Online

Try Scriptcase online creating applications in an random database and check the ease of use of our tool.

Live Demo

Attend to a complete Scriptcase demonstration for a fast analysis and visualization of the software. One of our experts will explain how to grow your business using Scriptcase apps.

Online Training

Have you thought about learning Scriptcase anywhere? Check it out our Online Expert Course and learn how to create a professional system from scratch using only Scriptcase

Supported Databases

Connect with your database (MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Interbase, Firebird, Access, Oracle, MS SQLServer, DB2, SyBase, Informix or ODBC layer) and generate web applications based on your tables in a simple and safe way.


SC is really the best tool out there to actually do RAPID DEVELOPMENT, not just give you an integrated environment that allows you to write all code from scratch, with SC it writes probably 90% of all code generally speaking.

David Kovach PHP Developer (USA)

Scriptcase is the best chose for people who are interested in lowering the work programming. From time when we start working with scriptcase - we use 70% of our projects time in thinking about logic instead of retyping milions lines of code.

Konarski-Mikolajewicz Easy Access Technology LTD (Poland)

I am using ScriptCase 7 for about six weeks. Every time I discover there is a built-in solution for the problem I encounter, or I can write mine own with PHP and/or SQL. It is a very complete tool for creating frontend database-driven-websites.

John den Os PHP Developer (Netherlands)

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