Installing Scriptcase 8.1

Scriptcase 8.1 installation tutorial for Windows, Linux and Mac OS.

Please chose the operational system where you want to install Scriptcase?

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If you want to perform an update from version 8 to version Scriptcase 8.1 please, click here.

You want to use the automatic (recommended) or manual installation steps?

Using the automatic installation pack you will install the complete new environment with PHP 5.6 and Apache, however if you already have the version 7.1 or 8 installed with PHP version 5.4, you can use the manual installation with the .zip for PHP 5.4 in parallel to you existent Scriptcase environment.
Automatic Manual

You want to copy/migrate applications from old versions (Scriptcase 5, 6 or 7) to Scriptcase 8.1?

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Is Scriptcase 7 in same machine of scriptcase 8?

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Important Note:

Dear User,

An issue occurred during the build of Scriptcase version 8.01.0002. The issue was caused due to a encryption problem.

To correct the error, please update your Scriptcase manually according to the following instructions:

Click Here

We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Scriptcase Team.