PHP - Web Programming Language

PHP is one of the programming languages that gets more developers in the world. Using a simple concept of development it can be learned by a programmer of any level, from beginners to the most experts. Its differential is the way it is coded, inside the HTML code itself it is used through tags that limit where the code runs. This code is not readable by the client but the server responds to the request via a HTML that is rendered in the client browser. You can work with PHP in parts of the HTML as well as it can be used to render the whole HTML of a page.

A major advantage of PHP is the ease in learning the language, it is essential for anyone that is starting in programming. It also offers many features which makes it a great option in the development of web applications. Once it is open source, thera are many documentation that can be found in the web, often a major feature for the project is already developed and you just need to integrate a ready script. Currently it is in the version 5.5.0 released on 06/20/2013, this version has fixed several bugs from previous versions, letting PHP more secure and stable.

Benefits of using PHP

Projects developed in PHP have several benefits, such as:

  • Low implementation cost because it is free;
  • Low cost of maintenance;
  • Low cost of hosting platform;
  • The ease in finding skilled labor;
  • Many tools that can be used for its development.


The market offers several options for tools and each one with specific benefits as well, but we should observe how much the tool is able to get results. The language benefits coupled with the benefits of the tool is essential to the final results of a project.

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