Privacy policy

We value your privacy and confidence.

Scriptcase's privacy policy describes the privacy practices of our websites. We collect your information in two situations: evaluation or purchase.


When you register at Scriptcase to perform a free trial, we collect you name and email. The goal when we collect that information to get in contact with you to offer help during the trial period.


When you purchase the software we collect identifying information. This includes information such as your name, your company data, your email address or payment information for processing the purchase and issuance of the invoice.

Your information will be collected, used and handled only and exclusively for the contracted features are effectively used by you and will be stored in a safe environment and with restricted access, taking into account the preservation of intimacy, private life, honour and image of the parties directly or indirectly involved.

If you want to change your information, please access the link:

Your information will never be provided to any company other than Netmake Soluções em Informática (Scriptcase’s manufacturer), but if you want to remove it please send an email to from the email you entered in the register.

Quando você se cadastra no Scriptcase para realizar uma avaliação gratuita, nós coletamos algumas informações pessoais: Nome e Email. O objetivo ao coletarmos essa informação é termos a possibilidade de entrarmos em contato com você para lhe oferecer ajuda durante o período de avaliação.