Main Menu

On the main menu is all of the functionalities of the tools for the projects and the applications. These functionalities are organized in these items below:

Main Menu


  • New Project: Starts the process to create a new project.
  • Open Project: List all the projects that the current user has permission to access.
  • Close Project: Closes the current project.
  • New Application: Opens the application wizard that supports the creation of the applications (Grids, Report PDF, Forms, Tabs, Control, Menu, Search, Dashboard or Blank).
  • Batch Applications: Allows you to create various applications simultaneously.
  • Restore Applications: Displays the last applications edited, allowing to select a restore point and the Applications name to which it’ll be restored too.
  • Export Project: Used to export projects developed in ScriptCase.
  • Import Project: Used to import projects developed in ScriptCase (Same Version).
  • Home: Navigate to the Project Explorer.
  • Logout: Logout of ScriptCase


  • Source Code: Displays the generated source code of the current application that’s be edited.
  • Data in Session: Displays all the session variables of the current applications in runtime, also the ScriptCase session variables.


  • Properties: Displays the page that has the configurations of the project.
  • Default Values: Displays the list of all default values for the current project.
  • Version History: Displays the list of all versions of the current project.
  • Increment Version: Increments the version of current project.
  • Generate Source Code: Generate Source Code for all the applications in the current project.
  • Deploy Applications: Opens the wizard for the deployment procedure.
  • Export Applications: Generates an export file containing an application of the current project.
  • Import Applications: Imports a backup file that contains an application from another or the same project.
  • Delete Project: Deletes the current project.
  • Reports:
    • Application List: List the applications of the current project.
    • Developers Summary: Displays the total of applications in the current project by Developers.
  • Show Diagram: Displays the Project Diagram.
  • Application Search: Allows you to search for texts in the entire project.


  • New Connection: Displays the wizard to create a new connection for the current project.
  • Edit Connection: Allows to edit the connections of the current project.
  • Import ACCESS: Allows you to import an ACCESS database to one of your other database connections.
  • Import EXCEL: Allows you to import an EXCEL to one of your databases.
  • Import CSV: Allows you to import an CSV to one of your databases.
  • SQL Builder: Tool that rapidly generates SELECT statements.
  • Database Builder: An interface that allows you to Administrate your database from within ScriptCase.


  • Save Application: Saves the current Application.
  • Generate Source Code: Generate Source Code for the current Applications.
  • Run Application: Run the current Application.


  • Data Dictionary: Allows the user to define standards for the tables (Names, Field Types, etc.).
  • _Express Edit: Opens a Window to edit various applications at once.
  • HelpCase: Tool that allows you to create a documentation for your current project.
  • External Libraries: Allows you to create scripts in various languages that can be used in the whole project.
  • Internal Libraries: Allows you to create PHP scripts that’ll be used in various applications.
  • To-Do List: Allows you to create a To-Do list.
  • Messages: Send messages between developers.
  • Converters:
    • Version 5: Converts your projects from ScriptCase version 5 to this current version.
    • Version 6: Converts your projects from ScriptCase version 6 to this current version.
    • Version 7: Converts your projects from ScriptCase version 7 to this current version.


  • CSS Applications (Themes): This option allows you to create themes for the applications.
  • CSS Buttons: This option allows you to create button themes.
  • HTML Templates: This option allows you to modify a diversity of elements of HTML that will contain your application.
  • CSS Menus: This option allows you to change CSS of the menus.
  • Menu Icons: Allows you to change the icons of the menu application.
  • Image Manager: This option manages the existing images in the project also allowing you to add, delete and copy images.
  • Chart Themes: This option allows you to modify the themes used in the Chart applications.
  • HTML Editor Templates: Allows you to configure the functionalities present in the html editor field that the application will use.


  • Application Language: Allows to define custom messages that’ll be used in different applications.
  • Regional Settings: Allows you to define some parameters of monetary units, date and numbers according to the Country or Region where your application will be used.


  • Security: This option allows you to implement access rules to your system, creating a complete system with access control in your project.
  • Log:
    • Create/Edit Log Module: Allows you to create and/or edit a log module.
    • Applications Related to the log: Allows you to reference which applications will use the log.
    • Create Query with Log Report: Allows you to create a Grid application that’ll display a log report.


  • Settings: Access all the ScriptCase settings.
  • My ScriptCase: Allows you to customize the settings for the current user.
  • Change Password: Allows the current user to change their current password.
  • My Toolbar: Allows you change the position of the icons on the toolbar.


  • WebHelp: Allows you to access the manual.
  • Technical Support: Access ScriptCase online support.
  • Diagnosis: Displays the settings of the Environment/Server where ScriptCase is installed.
  • Check Version: Verifies if the version is updated.
  • Update Version: Allows you to update ScriptCase to the latest version available.
  • License Registration: Access the page to register your ScriptCase.
  • About: Information about ScriptCase.