General View

Scriptcase uses the concept of projects to manage the development of the applications. You will use the projects to organize your system development in a simple and practical way.

In a project, it’s possible to define the applications development standards using the default values , work with project versioning, deploy all the applications or part of them, create developers work flow reports, display application diagrams.

Each project from Scriptcase can have 3 privilege levels for users or user groups. These privileges can be set inside the menu options.

To create a Scriptcase project, there needs to be an interaction with a Database . So you can create the applications based on database tables and views.

We recommend you to review your database tables and relationships to ensure that you have them correctly structured and organized. This will make your work on creating applications easier and fast when perform fields lookups and etc. You can view the current database structure before start creating the applications through the menu > Database > Diagram ER, after the project creation.

Click here to see the steps in order to create a project.