This option is only available when in a project

Edit Project

We can edit some of the project information, like the description and the use of the index.

Editing the project information

  • Project Name - The name of the project informed on its creation. The project name doesn’t allow special characters, and can’t be altered after its creation.
  • Project Description - Description informed on the project creation.
  • Use Index Page - Allows the use of friendly URLs in the applications. By default, this option is enabled.
  • Project Information - Detailed description of the project.


Define the languages that’ll be used in the project. The languages are selected the moment you create your project, but can be added more or removed.

Project language definition

  • Language - List of languages that are used in the projects.
  • Regional Settings - Contains the standard regional settings for the selected language. Regional Settings allows you to define some parameters of monetary units, dates and numbers according to the country or region where your application will be used.
  • Charset - Defines the encoding used by the selected language.
  • Default - Defines the default language for the project, all the applications created will be executed with the default selected language.
  • Trash Can - Removes the language from the project. This way, the removed language won’t be available for changing dynamically changing in runtime.


Define the available themes in the project and the default theme that’ll be used by the applications. To define a default theme for your project, select the name of the desired theme and click on Set a default Theme, the “default” notation will appear beside the theme name. In this image the default theme is Sc8_BlueWood.

Project theme definition

  • All Themes - List of all the present themes from ScriptCase.
  • Project Themes - List of available themes in the project.