Show Diagram

Generates a diagram of relationships between applications in the project. On this diagram, you can see in a clear way which applications are related and which is the method used to do the relation.

This example we’re showing the relationship of all the applications in the sc_album project.

Project Diagram

There are some options that can help viewing the diagram.

We can display a minimap of all the diagrams, to help with the display. To view it, click on the icon on the lower left side of the diagram.

Mini mapa do diagrama

There are other options of views, instead of the minimap, as shown below.

Display Options

  • Diagram Format - Build the Diagram according to the ties positioning.
  • Reading Mode - Defines the perspective of reading for the diagram when it’s created.
  • Space - Defines the space between the columns(Horizontal) and the layers(Vertical).