Application Search

It does a search in the project with all the content informed by the search.

The location on which the search will look for defined by a checkbox.

At least one of the options need to be selected.

 Search in project applications.

  • All - Does a search in all the options listed below.
  • SQL - Searches only in the SQL areas of the applications.
  • Field Name and label - Does a search for the name and label of the field.
  • Links - Does a search only for the name of the applications.
  • Lookup - Searches inky in the lookup area of the fields.
  • Themes - Searches only for theme names.
  • Template Name - Searches only for HTML templates names.
  • Libraries - Searches for internal libraries that contain this specific name.
  • Header and Footer - Searches only for the Application Titles.
  • Block Name and Label - Searches only for the name or label of the block informed.

THe results will be disaplyed as shown below.

Resultado da pesquisa.

  • Application - Name of the applications found that satisfies the search
  • Item - Location on which the was located the informed criteria.
  • Values - Part of the area where was found the informed data.