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PDF export configuration PDF export configuration

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PDF Orientation Allows to define the orientation in Portrait or Landscape if the print.
PDF Format Allows to define the format that the PDF will be printed in (Letter, A4, etc).
Print Type Defines the print color (Black/White or Color).
Records per Page Applies to the Grids with the horizontal alignment, also defines the amount of records that’ll be printed per page.
Rows per Page in Summary Define the amount of records printed in the summary PDF.
Complete Lines Until Footer Complete with the empty line until the footer.
Open PDF Directly Open the PDF file without using a page in between to display a link to the file.
Create Charts Create the summary charts in the PDF.
Configurable PDF Allows the user to configure the parameters to create the PDF during runtime.
Generate Bookmarks Generate the bookmarks automatically, the bookmarks are generated relating to the group by.
Page Numbers Format Number format of the page, if simple (1,2,3,4,5,…), Complete(1/n, 2/n, 3/n,…) or not use the Numbers.
Page numbering height Allows to align the numbers vertically, top or bottom.
Horizontal position of the page numbering Allows to align the numbers horizontally (Left, Center, Right).
Margin The value informed needs to be in millimeters so that it can be applied to the PDF margins (Top, Bottom, Right, Left).
Print Background Allows to print the background in the PDF file.
JS execution time Time(milliseconds) for the server to wait for the JS to run in the HTML file.
Timeout for chart’s image creation Time to generate each chart individually in the PDF.

Chart print options Chart print options

Print type Allows you to set the print mode for the file (Both, Black & White, Color).
Print background Allows you to define whether the background will appear for printing.