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The Project Converter, allows to convert the projects developed in previous versions of ScriptCase to the current version of ScriptCase.

Basically, it is an import of the projects from different versions of ScriptCase.

The risk of converting is almost zero, when following the tutorial of converting. The process of conversion does not modify any of the information of your project.

To prevent eventual problems, it is recommend to create a backup of your projects.

The conversion of the projects has the same action for all ScriptCase versions.

Coping Scriptcase

Firstly, you need to copy the ScriptCase folder, of the previous version, and place it next to the current ScriptCase folder, that will receive the projects.

Coping ScriptCase to the same folder

In this example:

  • Scriptcase8 folder - Old version of the tool.
  • Scriptcase9 folder - Version that will receive all the projects.

Path to Scriptcase

In ScriptCase, select the converter (compatible to the version that you want to convert), you need to inform the complete path to the folder of the old version of ScriptCase.

Path to the previous version of ScriptCase

Next, select the server that ScriptCase was placed. In this case, select “Same Server”.

Selecting Server

In case the converter can’t find the ScriptCase Database of the previous version installed, the page below will be displayed, so that you can inform the correct directives to the ScriptCase database. Database Not Found

Select the projects that you want to convert.

Projects that need to be converted

Next, you will view a log of everything that has been converted. With this the selected projects are already in the current ScriptCase and ready for use.

Conversion Log