Tutorial: Form with Treeview blocks

In this example a form application using blocks of type treeview is created.

Creating a new Form

1. Create a new simple form application based on the Customers table.

2. In the application menu open the folder Layout and click in Blocks.

3. Create a new block by clicking the Create New Block.

4. Enter name and label, respectively, Block1 and Expanded.

5. Create a new block with the name and label equal to bloco2 and Collapsed, respectively.

6. Set the blocks, as the image below.

Organizing the fields in the block

7. In the application menu click on Fields Positioning.

8. Arrange the fields in accordance with the table below:

Blocks Fields
sample_block CustomerID
block1 ContactTitle
block2 RegionID

9. Click the Run button on the toolbar.

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