Tutorial: Grid and Form in the same page

In this example a Grid linked to a a form is created and both appear in the samewindow.

Creating a Form Application

1. Create a new form application based on the table users.

2. Click on Fields Positioning.

3. Remove the Pswd field.

4. Generate the grid source code by clicking in Generate Source in the ScriptCase toolbar.

Creating a Grid Application

5. Create a new grid application based on the table users.

6. In the application menu click in Fields Positioning and remove only the Pswd field.

7. New Link from the Links folder

8. Click in Create New Link, choose the type Application and click in Next.

9. Select the application form created above from the displayed list.

10. It is necessary to pass parameters from the grid application to the form. See picture below.

11. Define the connection settings. For the attribute Link Operation Mode select Open in iframe, remove the navigation buttons, the exclusion button and place the iframe on the right. To end the wizard click in Save. See picture below.

12. Click on the button “Run application”.

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