Tutorial: Printing a business card

This example demonstrates how to create a PDF Report to display several business card in the same page.

Creating a PDF Report

1. Create a new PDF Report application using the SQL statement below:

LastName||" "||FirstName AS Name,
LOWER(LastName)||"."||LOWER(FirstName) AS Email,
"Postal Code: "||PostalCode AS PostalCode

2. In the menu PDF Report -> Settings, change the Attributes:

Attribute Value
Amount of columns 2
Columns Width 90
Columns Height 50

3. Still in the PDF Report Settings, open the tab Font and Background and in the attribute Image we will define the background image of the report.

Note 1: To select an image, click in the icon Enviar beside the field. If the image desired is not listed it is possible to upload a new one.

Note 2: The image used in this sample is the same image as that one below. Save it to your computer and then upload it to ScriptCase (right click on the image and click on Save image as).

4. Open the item Layout PDF >> Interface in the menu.

Now edit the cell position, font-family, size, alignment and more. To see more options click on the icon

5. Edit the cells according with the information below:

Cell X Position Y Position Font Size Font Style
cell_Name 4 27 12 Bold
cell_Title 4 30 8 Italic
cell_HomePhone 4 43
cell_Email 4 40
cell_Address 53 40
cell_Country 63 43
cell_PostalCode 53 46
cell_CityID 53 43


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